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Futuristic pink architectural exoskeleton fashion created live on stage and worn while moving, throwing, catching, and cartwheeling; this is what you can expect from Josh Lee Juggles, the Circus Artist and Entertainer, with his unique juggling style and quirky personality!


JUNE 9TH-11TH Philly Fest 2023 Juggling Festival

Join us in celebrating the 38th Annual Philadelphia Jugglers Festival (after a multi-year pandemic hiatus wiped out 2020, 2021, 2022). I will be performing in the public show and teaching a few workshops during the festival! I am also looking forward to hanging out and seeing old friends and meeting new friends alike!

Hosted by the Philadelphia Jugglers Club at Philadelphia School of Circus Arts at 6452 Greene Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hope to see you there!

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